Amazon Apple Smart Watch Quiz Answer – 17th October 2018


Amazon Today’s Quiz Answers 🙂 🏆


Question 1. Which of the following is not a variety of mango?

Answer. Red Dacca

Question 2. Which of these books has been crowned with the ‘Best of the Booker’ award – a special prize awarded in commemoration of the Booker Prize’s 40th anniversary in 2008?

Answer. Salman Rushdie, Midnight’s Children

Question 3. Which theory made famous by Albert Einstein explains why all ‘observers’ have their own separate measure of time because of the finite speed of light?

Answer. Theory Of Relativity

Question 4. Long Island Iced Tea is a popular thirst-quencher during the hot summers. How much tea goes into a glass of Long Island Iced Tea made by a traditional recipe?

Answer. None

Question 5. Who won the 2018 US Open (tennis) Women’s singles title?

Answer. Naomi Osaka

How to join:

1. Just download amazon app From Here

2. Scroll down and find quiz banner

3. Click on Start

4. Answer & Win prizes❤️

More Details:-

  • Prize To be win an apple Smartwatch
  • Winner Announcement at 30th October 2018
  • Prize Will be delivered to winners by 30th November   2018
  • Quiz is till 8 AM to 12 PM 17th Oct 2018


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