Amazon Moto G6 Plus Quiz Answers – 5th October 2018


Amazon Today’s Quiz Answers :)🏆

Question 1. St. Valentine’s Day was invented by the greeting card industry.

Answer. False

Question 2. The first Indian ‘talkie’ film (a film with dialogues) released in 1931 was ___.

Answer. Alam Ara

Question 3. Who was the world’s first democratically elected female head of Government?

Answer. Sirimavo Bandaranaike

Question 4. While Goa is well know for seafood, it is also famous for a dish called ‘Sorpotel’. What is this dish traditionally made of?

Answer. Pork

Question 5. Which state government recently launched a ‘Star-Rating’ system for industries to check air pollution?

Answer. Odisha

How to join:

1. Just download amazon app From Here

2. Scroll down and find quiz banner

3. Click on Start

4. Answer & Win prizes❤️

More Details:-

  • Prize To be win a Moto G6 Plus Worth of 16k or Above
  • Winner Announcement at 30th November 2018
  • Prize Will be delivered to winners by 30th December  2018
  • Quiz is till 8 AM to 12 PM 5th sep 2018


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