Amazon Quiz Answers – Answer and Win Philips Trimmer – 16th November 2018


Amazon Quiz Answer 🏆

16th November  Morning Quiz Answers

QN.1.The __ note was the first paper currency issued by RBI in January 1938. Fill in the blanks.
Answer: Rs 5

QN2. Raut Nacha is folk dance performed mainly by the tribal communities of which state.
Answer: Chhattisgarh  

QN3.The Bhimbetka rock shelters are an archaeological site of the Palaeolithic period. It is located in which state?
Answer: Madhya Pradesh  

QN4. In which European city would you find the famous Blue Domed Church?
Answer: Santorini, Greece 

QN5. The legendary comic book writer Stan Lee, who passed away recently, was associated with which house of comic books?
Answer: Marvel Comics

How to join:

1. Just download amazon app From Here

2. Scroll down and find quiz banner

3. Click on Start

4. Answer & Win prizes❤️

More Details:-

  • Prize To be win Philips Trimmer Worth Of 1940
  • Winner Announcement at 30th November  2018
  • Prize Will be delivered to winners by before 30th December   2018
  • Quiz is till 8 AM to 12 PM 16th November 2018


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