Amazon Today’s Quiz Answers 11th Sep – Get a Chance to Win Diesel Analog watch


Amazon Diesel Analog watch Morning Quiz Answers:

Q1. Which country is Prague in?

Answer – Czech Republic

Q2. What is the irrational fear of trees called?

Answer –Dendrophobia

Q3. Which one of these blood-types is called the ‘universal donor type’ because it is compatible with all other blood type?

Answer – O negative

Q4. ‘Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas’ – is a quote by?

Answer – Albert Einstien

Q5. Which country recently signed a pact with India to collaborate on ISRO’s ‘Gaganyaan’ mission – its first manned mission to the moon?

Answer – France

More Details:-

  • Prize To be win a Diesel Analog watch worth of 22995
  • Winner Announcement at 30th October 2018
  • Prize Will be delivered to winners by 30th November  2018
  • Quiz is till 8 AM to 12 PM 11th Sep 2018


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