Buy PUBG UC at Discounted Rates Through Paytm


Hey Everyone, As we know PUBG Mobile is the most Popular & very addictive Online Battle Royal  Multiplayer game in India right now. It has about 200 million active users all over the world. So, In this post, today, I am showing you how to buy PUBG UC using Paytm? as we know That we need UC to buy Royal pass in Pubg Mobile. So here you can also buy PUBG UC using Paytm in discount. So let’s begin with Step By Step…..


Step By Step to Buy PUBG UC through Paytm in discount.

Step 1. Just Goto to  and select Pubg or Go Here.

Step 2. Enter your Player ID(Refers to the FAQ) or login directly with Facebook ID linked with PUBG.

Step 3. Now select Paytm as Payment option & UC pack which you want to buy.

( Here you can find that there is a quite difference in these Prices and the normal prices, so by using this you can get some extra UC with Midas buy)


           (Midasbuy Rates)                         (Normal Rates)

Step 4. Now Pay with Paytm & You will  Get the UC directly into your PUBG Mobile Account instantly.


1. How to get Player ID?

Ans. Just open your Pubg Mobile & Click on your Avatar, Here You will find your Player ID.

2. What is UC (Unknown Cash)?

Ans. PUBG Mobile is Free to Play online Battle Royal game but even then, the game is making a lot of money. How is Possible…..?, Actually they earn money by selling their premium Skins, costumes and other stuff &  Packs. For buying these stuff we require for UC – Unknown cash, which is PUBG game’s currency. To use this Currency We need to buy it from real-world cash.

3. Is Midasbuy is Safe to enter Player ID or Login With Facebook?

Ans. Yup It’s Safe Because it is  official Payment website of Tencent Corporation (PUBG Corp.)

4. Can We pay through any other wallet or Payment option?

Ans. Not now, But maybe in Future they will add some more payment option.



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