Get Flat 10% Cashback on using Scan & Pay – Payzapp Scan & Pay Offer


Here Is The Offer Details :
==>Get Flat 10% Cashback on using Payzapp Scan & Pay on a Minimum Transaction Value of 50

Using This You Can Buy Max 2500rs Gift Cards & Get 250rs Cashback

How To get Amazon,Flipkart Or any other Gv @ flat 10% Off Using This Offer ?
1. Goto Zingoy Website From Here (Not In App).
2. Login or Signup using correct Details.
3. Select the Gift Voucher which you want to purchase.
4. Enter Details and goto Payment Page.
5. Select Bharat QR as Payment Method & Click on pay.
6. A QR Code Will Appears.

7. Now Scan This QR Code Using Payzapp Scan & Pay Option.
8. Pay the Amount.

“You Successrfully Avail the offer” 

Other Details:

  • Max 250rs Cashback You can using this offer
    offer is Valid till 30th September 2018
  • You will Recieve The 10% Cashback within 45 Days

Note : KYC is mandatory to use Payzapp

You Can Also Add this Cashback to your Paytm Wallet using Payzapp’s Virtual Visa Card
==>Just Goto Paytm And add money and Choose Debit Card as Payment option and Enter Payzapp Card Details & Proceed

Additional Offer: By Paying by Bharat QR on Zingoy you Will Get an Additional Cashback of 10rs (once per day ) on min transaction of 25

==>So If You Buy A 50rs Amazon Gift Card using Payzapp + Zingoy’s Offer , You Will Get A cashback of 15rs . It Means you are Buying These Gift Cards At Flat 30%

But If You Don’t Have time & Patient Then
Just Goto Zingoy & Buy Gift Cards Direct At Once

About Payzapp:- Payzapp is a E-wallet Like paytm,freecharge etc But it’s Give some addional Features Like Bharat QR, Virtual Debit Cards and Soo On. Payzapp is managed or powered By HDFC Bank , So we Can take it as a Trusted Company/Wallet & Complete Our KYC without any doubt .

About Zingoy :- Zingoy is a leading and trusted gift card Sellng & Buying, Cashback providing website on Top Brands.

Q1. Where I Can Avail this Offer ?
Answer – Anywhere where Payzapp/Bharat QR/mVISA Availble.

Q2. How Much Cashback I can Avail ?
Answer- Max 250rs Cashback you can avail.

Q3. Can I Transfer This Cashback into Bank?
Answer- Yes, you can easily Transfer this cashback to your bank Account but there is some charges nearly 3%

Q4. Can I get the Cashback Instantally ?
Answer – No , it’s take time max 45 Days.

Q5. Is there any validity for these offers?
Answer- Yes, both offers are valid till 30th September 2018.

Q6. How much Total Cashback can i earn if i buy a 50rs Gift Card ?
Answer – You will earn a Cashback of 15rs means 30%.

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