How To Transfer Freecharge Cashback into Bank ?


Hey guys, as we know that we can’t send our freecharge cashback into Bank account manually . But today I am sharing the trick to transfer not only freecharge cashback but also some  other wallets balance to bank with a charge of 2% only.

Disclaimer :- This is only for educational purposes.We are not responsible for that what happened with you.

How to Transfer Freecharge Cashback into Bank?

Here are the all steps :-

1. First Download Payunow From Here

2. Register Normally , Add your Bank account and Enter your Pan card details.

3.  Now Click on Request Payment

4. Now Enter amount which amount you want to transfer in Bank and a short description and now click on create

5. Now copy the link and paste it into your browser

6.  Now choose the wallet option and select the wallet from which you want to transfer your cashback and pay.


7. Now enter details and pay.

You will receive this amount in your Payunow account and it will automatically transfered in your bank account after the deduction of 2% as charge after 2-3 days

You can track your all payments in Payunow app

Note: 1. Pancard is mandatory** to signup

2. Same thing you can do with Insta mojo app but it takes 3% as charge.

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